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Isaiah's Newborn Session | August 2018

I met Jim, Megan, and Isaiah for the first time at Isaiah's newborn session in mid-August and let me tell you...I will never forget the three of them! Megan first reached out to me via email to do Isaiah's newborn pics and I initially turned her away due to being so busy, but she was determined! She reached back out to me and this time, I couldn't say no, and I am so glad I didn't! Jim and Megan are just a great couple and I have no doubt they will be amazing parents to little Isaiah. It felt like I had known Jim and Megan for years after only about 15 minutes. Isaiah is such a handsome little man, though he wasn't always patient with my antics. Megan, I am so glad I said yes and got to capture Isaiah's official newborn pics! Jim and Megan, thank you for choosing me!!

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