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Welcome to the World

As a nurse, I have observed (and assisted) with several childbirths over the past 15 years, but let me tell you how amazing it is to capture one of life's miracles from behind the lens! I was blessed to be invited into the home of Brittani and Greg to capture their 2nd born coming into this world. Just in case you didn't catch it, I did say "into the home"! All I can say is wow...Brittani is an amazingly strong woman for doing this home birth. I was so proud of her and in complete awe of how she handled the entire birthing process (might I add with no medicine!) that I actually teared up a few times. Then there is Greg...what a supportive and fantastic husband that Brittani has found; he was also amazing throughout the process! Brittani, being the proud and amazing woman that she is, has agreed to let me share some of the pics from their birthing session. I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

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